cause this life is just one massive LOL guys

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Why OneMassiveLol ?? September 2, 2009

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So, we all get low sometimes.

We all feel the pain of what this life throws at us.

We all would love to get on with it.

But we know it is not that simple. Not at all.

I am not saying I am on my own in this. I know we all do suffer, but you know when you feel like you have totally annoyed someone, something in another life and they obviously think it is HIL-arious to watch you wake up in a great mood and end up at breaking point by 2pm.. January 2009, until now has gone from ^_^ to total 😦

I am fed up of making my friends fed up of reading my ‘feel sorry for me’ status’ and my notes on these song lyrics [that are obviously totally directed at me]. Writing things down clears the head and the heart so now, you, or even no one, can join me in the tale of why my life is just One Massive Lol…